Saturday, August 7, 2010

Been Playing!

Wow where on earth did that week go?
Bet Jo and Sean are saying the same thing but at least those lucky people have spent their week in Fiji - well Jo you will be well rested and ready to help us all out at Camp!  Only a few more weeks and 50 lucky ladies will be scrapping to their hearts content - well scrapping, eating, gossiping and a little scrapping lol for two nights and two and a half days!

I have been doing a Kaiser place mat set for a while now and FINALLY today I got to finish it off.  It is actually harder than you think because I want to modge podge them and use them for the purpose that they were intended - it meant that they had to be kept flat so when you placed your cuppa on them it didn't tip your hot coffee all over the mat, so here is what I have done:

Have to say they were lots of fun - not as quick as I had thought (but then what is?) Now I just have to modge podge them to seal them off and they are ready to use - now to buy a coffee table to sit them on lol.
Also I brought one of the kenny K images - these are digital stamps easy to use :-)
This Tuesday will be Abby's 13th birthday - wow all officially teenagers where are my babies going?
Abby is having a sleep over next weekend and we are going to make her a guitar cake (she is learning the guitar) and she used this image to send her invites out so it's only fitting that I make her birthday card with the image too (shh don't show her - but here it is)

Now while surfing one of our suppliers I found this little beauty and have a couple in stock:
These are used to pluck off the bling and place on your project - now my scrap ma bob (see previous post) is still top, but man do I LOVE these little beauties - where have you been all my scrappin life!
Because I am very bad (and bite my nails - badly) I struggle with getting my bling off my sheet (usually using my craft knife) and onto my project without it pinging off or falling off onto the wrong side - BUT with these little beauties they pluck off and back on where you want them - piece of CAKE!!!!

Well I think that is a long enough post from me, so I hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Green Thistle said...

Great to see you've finished the coasters. Can I put in an order?? just kidding. :-)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Well done with your coasters Rachel. They are very special. Abby;s Birthday card is stunning and perfect for a new Teenager. Happy Birthday Abby for Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow they look AWESOME
So hard to believe Abby almost 13 where did that time go


Mel said...

Those coasters are lovely. And I would love to see a photo of the guitar cake. My Miss 15 is an avid electric guitar player!