Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a blast!

Well Raincliff camp is over and it was the last camp with me at the helm, some of you are not aware but Embellish It is for sale, I have finally after about 18 months of procrastinating decided to "hang my apron up" but lets hope that it is not the last as we all had a blast!

Friday saw us arrive at camp and be all set up within an hour - amazing.
A big thank you goes out to all the ladies that turned up to lend a hand (and a huge thanks to Bronwyn who came Friday and Sunday just to help as Bo was not able to make camp itself and was missed HEAPS) - that meant that those ladies all started scrapp'n about 4.30pm on Friday so there was a power of work - and laughter done just on Friday.

Here are a couple of photos taken on Saturday - which we could have forgotten it was "winter camp" as the sun was out and boy was it hot!

 One has me in it and the other has Dad, I will get it photoshopped so we are all in it but I couldn't get the timer to work on the camera lol.
Saturday saw a few shenanigans happening and I am sure we could have guessed that this lady would be involved:

Gwenda saved the life of one of our scrap ladies by preforming CPR and keeping her alive until the ambulance and then helicopter could take our dear Lynn (missed you at camp Lynn) to Hospital only a fortnight ago so we thought it fitting that she become the camp ANGEL and made her wear her wings for the day - she was a good sport!
Then Gwenda had her apple all "blinged" up by the girls at this table- they look like trouble don't they lol:

The sad face on the apple is because someone "stole" the apple and left clues as to it's where abouts and so the game of "cludo" began.  Gwenda even got a note take a look at this
I guess you had to be there but it was seriously funny and this lot made the "you don't have to spend a lot on toys to amuse the kids" SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky we had a policewoman (off duty lol) that helped Gwenda get her beloved "Blinged apple" back - unharmed I might add!
Yet again we had some YUMMY food available to us and a huge thanks goes out to my Mum, Dad and Aunty Cicley also to Michael who came in on Saturday to help us out - mum was meant to be doing NOTHING but that was a laugh -  talk about naughty!  But the food was delicious take a look - so hard to decide!

These girls have updated there blogs and there are more photos and stories so go and check out Beck, Trace, Diane and Kathrine's blogs.

I will be back with some more photos of the fun!

Just before i go, a BIG thank you to you all - without you we wouldn't have a camp and it is such a great way to get things done, form new friendships and have a blast while we are at it - fingers crossed it won't be the last one and maybe at the next camp it will be ME going to bed at 4am :-)

Catch you all soon




Bronwyn said...

Yet another fantastic weekend enjoyed by all
Congratulations Rach you do an awesome job

Green Thistle said...

Definitely hoping that Raincliff won't be a thing of the past but it's going to be a hard act to follow! Thanks Rach.

Trace said...

It was the best weekend. So glad you recorded the apple 'incident' - that was seriously funny! Thanks again Rach, for all your hard work - it was much appreciated.

mandyb said...

wow not even apples are safe!!! sounds fun!!! wish i lived closer!!!
enjoy the break now it is all over.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic time had by all.......and may i reiterate that I was the innocent party in the applephile case hahaha Thanks Rachel, Rachs family and all helpers I had a blast :-) Sharyn