Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fundraising for Leukemia Foundation

This is a can you help us post? Would you like to win some great prizes?  For $2 a ticket you could win any of these:

$150.00 of scrapbook or stamping products by - you guessed it Embellish It :-)
$50.00 Benny's Again voucher and a Barkers gift Basket
Woman's Hoddie and a mans T-shirt
Electric salt and pepper mills, Watties gift box
2 soccer Balls, Domino Game, scotty Star Trek action figure
1 Soccer Ball and one Necklace
2 Soccer Balls

Abby is doing a project for school and she chose Event Management, so she decided to organise a raffle.
Now for a 12 oops now just 13 year old she has done really well.
Abby wrote a letter requesting people to donate a prize and then followed up with a phone call two weeks later, so she has sourced the prizes by her self (apart from one that I asked Katherynn for) she then liaised with Brenda from Pope Print and got the tickets printed by them via sponsorship.

She was sponsored by Pope Print, Benny's again restaurant, Barkers Fruit Processors, Soul Surf and Skate, Noel Leemings, Watties, The frontrunner, Embellish It, Toyworld, and Green Thistle House.

Now for the hard bit - to sell them.  She has 300 tickets at $2.00 each with an aim to fundraise $600 for the Leukemia Foundation, so if anyone out there wants to purchase a ticket for a chance to win a great prize please e-mail me - or if any of the local ladies can help out by selling some books of tickets for her it would be much appreciated. 
I fully understand that most of us with children have to fund raise for our schools and I usually just buy the book and be done with it because I HATE asking other people to help, but since Abby has put so much time and effort into this to raise funds for a great cause I am happy to help out and get word out there.

Now if it is one of our "girls" that wins the Scrapbook goodies - they can come and choose the product that they would like :-)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this post - I hope you all have a fantastic week.




cameracrazychick said...

If you drop a book or two in to me at work, I am sure I can sell some for her :)

Liddy said...

Please give Abby a big hug from, I actually have Leukemia( in remission) but have know so many people who have not been so fortunate. If you could send a book or two down to me in Dunedin I would gladly sell it for her, she's a little star and we need more like her.

mandyb said...

i'd love to by some....say 5 ($10) so give me your details (to deposit the $$ ) then Abby you can choose the numbers for me!!!

Trace said...

I'd love to buy five as well Rachel. Good on Abby for doing this. Can I pay at the retreat? Or would it be easier for me to internet bank it through to you. And like my friend Mandy...Abby you choose the numbers lol.