Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is it bed time yet?

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, mine has been VERY, VERY busy!
Friday saw me finishing off this new project from Kaiser that we have in stock - a large desk organiser:
 I used the new papers in stock from Bo Bunny and i am really happy with how this turned out!  Love these papers can suit all ages and genders.
I was also making this - talk about multi tasking although I did finish icing it on Saturday morning:

I think you can see she is pretty happy with it - even if I did go wonky with the stings of the guitar do you know how hard it is to try and ice it straight my hand was shaking like you wouldn't believe!
Then at 4pm on Saturday we had 6 - 12 or 13 year old girls invade our home for a "slumber party".
Seriously I feel sorry for the neighbours at three o'clock this morning I finally got up and told them to whisper!
Man were they LOUD!!  Then about 4am they fell asleep, here are a few photos:

This last photo was taken as they were trying to eat chocolate out of flour!  Apparently a cool game to play and I will admit to it being quite funny.
All and all the girls were really well behaved and made up games and amused themselves really - but I am still happy it only happens once a year!
At least I could just skip into my scrap room to escape poor ole Nigel was going to get a motel and escape but he was a good dad and refilled the carrots, lollies etc and make sure they were all happy :-)
So with that being said IS IT TIME FOR BED YET!!!
Well yes actually - I know its only 7.30pm but I got NO sleep last night so an early night is called for.

Hope you all had a great weekend.




Trace said...

Oh nothing quite as bad as sleep deprivation lol - looks like they had a lot of fun. Fab job on the cake and am loving the desk organiser.

Anonymous said...

Cake looks awesome. Can't wait to get my organiser! Go you lovely parents!! A few more years before we have 'slumber parties' thank goodness :-)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Abby's cake was fantastic. As is your organiser. Looks Great. Look forward to seeing it in your scrap room. Have a good sleep.

Bronwyn said...

You survived awesome looks like they had heaps of fun
Cake looks great you are a good Mum
Organiser looks fantastic loving those papers - heaps :)

Green Thistle said...

Very nice on both counts. I got plenty of sleep this weekend....this is why I only have a cat. :-)
Lucky Abby having a fab cake. Of course now you'll have to come up with something even better next year!!!