Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Been MIA

Hi Guys

Sorry for the lack of post's promise I will make it up to you all!

Bronwyn and I spent a lovely day in Christchurch on Sunday visiting the rat bags that we met at SENZ last year - we were just saying how they were our Best find at SENZ.
We went out for lunch and it was YUMMY - thanks Elvina so much you naughty sneaky wee thing you!
The day just went too fast and we so want to make a weekend of it so it won't go so fast!

So after a lovely day I got home and went looking for my Baby (the cat of course) and found him well lets just say not looking flash at all with cuts etc he couldn't take any weight on his back legs and I though he had been hit by a car - anyway a visit to the vet at 10pm ($238.00 later and yes he is SO worth it)and a night in vet hospital and a general anisetic, x rays and pain killers and we were allowed our baby home again late on Monday night.
He is still bleeding from the kidneys, the vet said he defiantly took on a vehicle and he has to stay inside untill the bleeding stops and he starts to get back to his normal self.
This morning I would have said this is going to be a long haul as those that know Basil will know he is a rat bag jumping up and getting on the computer, well he tried to jump on the desk this morning and crashed on the floor instead - but this is him tonight

It is SO nice to see him eating my scrap flowers (he can have as many as he wants) and getting into the bling packets! Just a little play as I don't want him to over do it, but maybe tomorrow he can have a supervised trip outside? lets see!

I will be back with some images of some new products that we have in stock! And maybe a give away just cause we need to celebrate!!!!!!!

Nighty Night!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

14 Years Ago

Wow talk about last year flying by - where did the last 14 go?

This time 14 years ago we were in hospital scared that we would lose our first born son, he was fighting for his life in neo natal with a blood poisoning, and it was 9 days before we could take him home. Nothing compared to others but very devastating for us at the time. Then when we took him home it was in a pavlic Harness for hip displaysia full time for 4 months hard work for a first time mum recovering from a c-section.
It seems just like yesterday but here is my little boy today (those that know him are going to wonder what the heck? lol his friend straightened his hair for a laugh)And yes he makes me feel Short!

and one with his cheat of a cake (i know I brought it - but i did make cinnamon oysters so thats makes it ok doesn't it? lol)

He had a couple of friends over and we took them to the bay where everyone except the photographer (thank god - I HATE the sea) ended up getting thrown in, but they had so much fun.

I also created another layout here it is (and it is another original Beck notch that one up!)

The boarder around the page is done with Martha Stewart Punch around the pages punch - this is my newest MOST FAV TOOL! This was SO easy (well once I figured out that I could pull the wings out on the corner punch to make it exactly centered pays to read the instructions!) You can punch corners with it but also on your page (without the wings out). This is what they look like:

cost $60.00 for both punches which is fantastic value really as the boarder punches are $41.00 and the other punch is $35.00 so a saving purchasing them as a pack - great for card making too!
Anyway that's about enough from me for the moment i have taken some photos of my messy scrap room - man do i get in a mess when I scrap are there any clean scrappers out there?

Have a great week everyone catch you all soon
Take care