Monday, April 26, 2010

Whiff of Joy & Martha Stewart

Well I have to say the last two weekends caught up with me today, I did not want to get out of bed!

We have had some NEW Whiff of Joy Stamps and some NEW Martha Stewart Punches come into stock last week so I will share with you some pictures:
 This #1 Store stamp kit is only available through retailers great vale at $55.00 for all these stamps and they come mounted!

And the Martha Stewart Punch's - These are punch around the page punches and come with two punches so you can do the corners and the edges, there are heaps of uses for these apart from making them punch around the page!

and some of the single ones:

Hopefully I will have these loaded on our website tomorrow but if you are interested in any of them please just send me an e-mail.  We can courier NON rural these punches for $2.50 (will fit two singles or one punch around the page) or for $5.50 Non Rural we can send HEAPS lol!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week - catch you all soon!

Oh and PS We have some VERY exciting news to share with you all SOON but just to keep you in suspence for a little bit longer I will keep you guessing!  A new company on board and a new partnership in the pipeline!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home from Taupo all to quick!

Wow I knew the time would go fast  - but man, honestly blink and it is gone!  Warning LONG POST!

Diane, Bronwyn, Jo and I left for Christchurch on Thursday night after poor Diane lost her wallet just one hour before we left (luckly some nice man dropped it to the police station and we picked it up and headed off to Christchurch).  We had a late night talking to my brother and sister in law who kindly put us all up for the night and headed for bed about 12pm.
We set our alarms one for 5am and one for 5.15 am as a back up and as the first alarm went we were ready to jump out of bed when we realised it was not set for daylight savings and it was only 4.15 am lol early start.
But off we went on our flight to Auckland and then on to the next flight to Taupo and had nice smooth flights (I am not that fond on flying).
On arriving at the resort in Taupo we were greeted with a fantastic table setting with goodie boxes filled with yummy goodies and a lovely felt bag with our class tickets and bits in, but also we had a empty bowl which we could go to this table and fill up - once it was empty we could just keep going back by the end of the weekend us ladies (all 120 of them not just us) had eaten our way through 50 KG of lollies - good effort!
Beck arrived just after us and Trina picked her up from the Airport which was really nice of her.
I had two class's on Friday Rachel Tuckers Sew me mini album (Will post photos of this later) and Rachel & Nic's Apron class.  Both of these class's were SEW much fun and for me who doesn't sew I thought I did pretty well.
Saturday saw me doing another 3 class's, Nic Howards layout class and Rachel Tuckers layout Class (photos of completed layouts to come) Both fantastic class's loads of fun full of techniques and of course how wrong can you go with Rachel & Nic! I also did one of Kelly Goree's class's but they were not really my cup of tea.

We poped out to get some photos in between class's and this was the result - well just a few of them

 This one is taken by a thermal outlet - we didn't realise that Taupo STINKS!!!  I hear it is not as bad as Rotorua but it definatly isn't lovely either.  Speaking of Rotorua we re named the ladies toilet "the Rotorua" cause it STUNK of sulpha worse than outside most of the time!
Then of course there was LOTS of silly antics while we were fredom scrappin too!

On the way up Jo took an handful of lollies on the flight so I decided to challenge her to see who could get the most on the way home!
Here is Jo (who by the way was overweight on the luggage on the way up!)

Trying to fit it all in - we had to get that home - really who takes a 6KG cuttle bug in their luggage - lol JO!
So sadly we had to say goodbye to Nic, Lucy (who is o for Owesome!) and all the team that made the weekend possiable, and we took a shuttle to the Huka Falls.

 Now back to our story about the lollie competition, when we got to Taupo the man at the airport was so friendly and helpful and a bit of a laugh (and nice on the eye! BONUS). He filled up the lollie container as on the little plane you get your lollies before you get on the plane - I snuck some lollies in my pocket and went back again to "help" my telly - Jo only saw the second attempt and got up to get some - she picked all the white ones out and had a joke with the guy about it SO after giving Jo HEAPS about being overweight with her luggage etc he came and threw her THESE!!!!!!!

A WHOLE BAG!!!  So unfair competition lost right there!
So since she was on good terms with the nice man she asked him if he would mind taking our photo outside the plane - he asked her if she wanted the pilot MAN this girl gets it all LOL

So loads of FUN all weekend lots of scrappin too, oh and Jo and I played the game of squash and as predicted I loose just as well in Taupo as I do in Timaru!

Thanks to Nic, Lucy and Team - you all ROCK!

Monday, April 12, 2010

4 More Sleeps!

4 more sleeps - that is if I can sleep i am very excited to be going to Taupo on Friday morning for weekend retreat called Autumn Escape.
I can't wait - did I say that already lol, there is 6 of us from Timaru heading up and doing class's with Nic Howard, Kelly Goree, and Rachel Tucker.  Kelly Goree is coming all the way from America!  And the venue looks amazing - I am planning on using ALL the amenities like the swimming pool, spa, sauna and even the squash court!  I play in a Thursday pennant at Old Boys for squash - useless but I try lol and I am meant to be playing Jo this week but Jo is also going to Taupo so the game will still go on - just in Taupo cause I can get my butt beaten up there just as good as I do here lol.
Anyway here are some photos of some work that I did for submission for the the up to Scraps magazine unfortunatly it was not sucessfull this time so i can share it with you all:

This is a pack a picnic template that I have used before these are fun to make and you can fill these will all sorts of yummy stuff. I used the punch around the page Martha Stewart Punch for the outside of the card
and the martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly (this is the big one) on the card and on the top of the Pack a picnic basket.
This is a candle that I have stamped the image onto tissue and then Melted it into the candle so the
Whiff of Joy image is on the actual candle and then I have made the tube following a tutorial from the Whiff of joy Inspirational blog and again I have used the Martha Stewart lace heart punch for those lovely scallop hearts on the top and the bottom.  Then using the nestabilities flowers (which we have in stock the four pack for $129.90) I made the flower on top of the tube - and using Dimond Dust (which we also have in stock for $7.50 a jar) I put glue on the edges of the flowers and put the Dimond Dust on (which is basically crushed glass) and it gives it a fantastic look!  The georgous ticket hanging off is Tim Holtz Adage tickets - I LOVE these (again we have some books in stock $12.50) they go great on Cards and scrapbook pages.
The Leaves are a McGill Punch (these are also in stock) and the flowers are a mix of Kaiser and the packets of Roses that we have in stock (10 in a packet for $2.70 loads of different colours)
Paper is kaiser and Ribbon is from my stash. The doily is from avery good friend - thanks Anne!
This is the card I made to match the candle holder!
This is another card and box that I made - all for Mothers day in mind  (Man I am going to be SO prepaired this year!
The punch on the bottom of the card is another Martha Stewart punch - garden trellis and I have used the nestabilites for the image and the sentiment (which was just printed on my computer) The flowers on the card and the box were made from my Nestabilites- flowers  - the green rose was made by me and the purple roses are more of the $2.70 packets that we have in stock, the paper is Prima and also the leaves.

Well I think that is enough from me for now.  Hopefully I will be back next week with photos from our weekend - did I say I am excited and CAN'T wait????????

LOL - Have a great weekend everyone.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Martha Stewart Punches and Icing?

I wish this was me that was playing with craft punches and edible icing sheets.
But take a look at Sandra Boston's blog "Kiwi Cakes" this is what you will see that she has done with our Martha Stewart Punches.
Sandra has yet to post to her blog about the Doily lace punch that she has also used to decorate her cakes and I can't wait to see that one - but for all of us out there that would LOVE to have a play and be able to decorate out own cakes - yay we can CHEAT by using our craft punch's and ediable icing sheets that are available from Sandra and her Kiwi Cakes shop.

I am off to order some of my own - imagine the possiabilites WOW i can see my next lot of cupcakes now!

Hope you are all having a fantastic easter and hope that the easter bunny has been kind to you!

Happy Easter