Friday, April 2, 2010

Martha Stewart Punches and Icing?

I wish this was me that was playing with craft punches and edible icing sheets.
But take a look at Sandra Boston's blog "Kiwi Cakes" this is what you will see that she has done with our Martha Stewart Punches.
Sandra has yet to post to her blog about the Doily lace punch that she has also used to decorate her cakes and I can't wait to see that one - but for all of us out there that would LOVE to have a play and be able to decorate out own cakes - yay we can CHEAT by using our craft punch's and ediable icing sheets that are available from Sandra and her Kiwi Cakes shop.

I am off to order some of my own - imagine the possiabilites WOW i can see my next lot of cupcakes now!

Hope you are all having a fantastic easter and hope that the easter bunny has been kind to you!

Happy Easter


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