Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have a new blog on my "work in progress" website.

Check it out here

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally I've done some actual scrapping!

Its been a busy couple of weeks around here. Mum has finally gotten out of Christchurch and has moved to Waimate! unfortunately 2hrs after she arrived her GP rang and told her she has Breast Cancer again, so that took the shine off things a bit. However this time she is in the same town as us so we can help and support her a lot more than last time. She was happy with the house I found her, which I was relieved about, and seems pretty OK about things so far. She also thinks my husband is great! he has earnt lots and lots of brownie points with 6 trips to CHC to help her and all the stuff hes done around her new place. Wish he would fix my leaky kitchen tap!
On the scrapping front, website going a bit slower than expected so I can't link you to the new stock yet. Trademe has the new spellbinders and a couple of new Martha Stewart punches have arrived today so will put them on when I get back from Dunedin tomorrow.... maybe!
I've actually been doing some scrapbooking, incase you all thought I just liked looking! Quite proud of this effort as it is totally different to how I normally scrap (clean lines/bright colours)
The BoBunny Gabrielle range was just so easy to use, resulting in a much softer, worn look than I normally use and in colours I would never usually try. It was my first time using eyelets - good fun! and I think my handmade lollipop flowers look perfect.
Kids wont leave me alone so time to sign off..... hope to see you all at the next Crop in Timaru Sat 30 April.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Camp..... done and dusted!

Thank you to all who came and joined in at the first Raincliff retreat that I have organised.
I hope you felt inspired, well fed and relaxed over the weekend, and were able to churn out a few masterpieces.
Scrapbooking seems to attract such a wide variety of personalities but its great that we can all come together and have such a good time regardless of our differences.
I also thank those of you that took the time to tell me what you liked lots and not so much about the weekend, this is the way I will improve my service to you all, and keep things changing and evolving.
Pam and Kirsten (the cooks) were surprised that even the promise of food was not enough to draw people away from their projects. I have not yet asked these two dear friends if they want to come back and do it all again in about 5 months! maybe I will leave it a while.
Heres a couple of piccys taken over the weekend, the rest will be in a gallery on my new website when I have learnt how to do this (give me a week or so please)
Should have had a prize for the best dressed - note to self - NEXT TIME!
Hubby was amazed that this next photo was taken about midnight "dont scrappers ever sleep!"
The Zumba class seemed to be enjoyed (by some more than others!) we raised $120 for the Canterbury earthquake fund (less a wee bit for Doms petrol) so that was great.
Irene won the page of the weekend random draw and was pleased with her tote bag prize, but somehow got away without having her photo taken. Those who did the handmade lollipop flowers workshop seemed to really enjoy it and Nic B was thrilled with winning the Dusty Attic/Kaiser kit challenge and has already started using all that lovely Dusty Attic product.

Thats it for now, time to head out to the shop and unpack (I avoided this yesterday and finally did some housework inside). It will be interesting to see what has sold.
I will be in touch soon with upcoming crop details.

Thanks again.......Tania

ps. anyone know who these shoes belong to?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life as we know it ... ...

Like everyone I suppose, the past week has been very strange and upsetting. We have gone from having a house full of Christchurch refugees, to life pretty much as normal, all in the space of a week. But its not normal is it. Will it ever be normal again? I dont think so.
It is so hard to know what to do. How to support friends and family who dont know where they should live, and whether they will have jobs. Sounds like no-one I know actually lost their house but now they dont even want to be there. And that creates feelings of guilt that they should be thankful for what they have. Such a confusing time and I fear for Christchurch and indeed New Zealand as a whole.
I have donated a few items for the Louise Williams face book Christchurch earthquake auction which I am sure you blog hoppers know all about, and our farm/family has donated thru Fonterra. Is money enough?

Scrapbooking seems a bit trivial at the moment but I suppose life must go on and the country must try to get back to some sense of normalcy if we are to survive as a nation.
We had the first crop of the year on Saturday in Timaru. A few less than normal but lots of great conversation and beautiful work created. I had Becks laughing her head off when I described my first car crash! and no there havent been that many and they all are equally ridiculous.
Speaking of car crash why do you think Kathryn is holding this piece of wood?
Never mind.......

Thats enough for today I think.
Oops forgot the new stock arrivals. Just a wee bit this week. The long awaited BoBunny midnight frost range of papers and 3 new Martha Stewart Punches. Vintage lace punch around the page is great. Very similar to Doily lace but it comes with corners!!!! and checkerboard and scallop with 2 dots are for those of you who have requested a more genderneutral punch. There are a few more on there way but still a bit tricky to get a hold of. See new stock here
Thats it. Off to see the realestate agent about rentals in Waimate for my Mum who has very little intention of going back to CHC.... maybe she will change her mind when she sees the rentals on offer. That was humour if you didnt get it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its all go around here... ....

Anyone with young children knows that life is always busy with them around, and even though Charlie is off to school 5 days a week, the pace is still flat out, but now out squeezed into afterschool and weekend hours. Heaven forbid when the teachers start getting tired and ask for some parent help. Although hes actually still not five (anyday now!) we had the much awaited party on friday night. Pub for tea (thats what you do here in Waimate) sleepover and Chipmunks in the morning. Since hubby was home when I started making the cake I thought it would be nice if it was a joint effort. WRONG. He of course insisted that you cant have a 2D rocket it simply must be vertical for his "boy".So we taped the handy towel holder to a plate and "erected" the chocolate logs onto it. Heres the final result....
 Ooops nearly forgot to mention the waitress lit sparklers all around the base when she brought it out so it was pretty exciting for the kids.

On the scrapbooking front most new release orders have been placed and I am just waiting not very patiently for my turn to have preorders made available. 4 new Kaiser ranges arrived since I last blogged, the latest being English Rose
Had a wee play this morning with the Bracket frame and the diecut speciality paper from the Magic Happens range and the new paper blooms (also from Kaiser)
Pretty easy really when the diecut is already the right shape (and now I have a template for cutting out the middle). The paper blooms are easy to position with the wires on the back and the variety of sizes and styles in the one packet. The English Rose range has the same shaped die cut for those of you who like soft pink and olive. I am sure whichever little girl ends up with it will be very happy (Pam and Lisa don't show your daughters this blog)
Waimate is having a womens expo this weekend, so I have a stall. I am allowed ONE WHOLE trestle table!!! What on earth will I take..... ..... ......

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids are off to school, Mama is home alone....

That moment has come in my life when all my little birds have flown away and I am left with an empty nest. Greg and I still cant decide if we should have tried harder for number three (no pun intended) but after trying for two years and the magical "40" approaching fast we may have missed that boat.
However it is very exciting seeing your youngest starting school and absolutely loving it. Every morning he says to me "do I get to go to school again today Mama?" so cute. He's not actually 5 yet but with six kids due to start this month in his class it just makes sense for them to all start on the first day. Charlie is one of those kids who loves rules so school is perfect for him, rules and routines everywhere. Only problem is, now he and Rosie argue constantly about how things are supposed to be done - they both think they are the school experts.

On the scrapping front I have been spending about 4hrs a day on the computer trying to decide which of the new ranges to get in etc. You would not believe how hard I find this! Dont get me wrong, shopping is good fun and my husband knows I am very experienced at it, but, the difference is that I am no longer shopping for myself. We all have such different tastes and reasons for scrapbooking. I dont want my albums to be works of art, I want them to be chock full of photos of our daily life. In saying that, I love getting super creative when the mood hits and am completely in awe of all the beautiful work that I see you all doing. Therefore I love when you guys tell me what you see/want (Jo, Becks, Kathryn.....) I wont always agree (eh Jo?) and have in the past mucked up how to order upcoming ranges (still waiting for BoBunny Midnight Frost... maybe one day just to surprise you) but I will always welcome your suggestions.
This is the latest page that I have done using Kaisers Seaside Range, Martha PATP String Lace, Dusty Attic clouds and a spritz of Glimmermist.

So as you can see I'll leave the pages that take hours to complete to you experts and try to promise to actually order what I say I will.

My daughter, Rosie, has been joining me in the "shop" since being overjoyed with the scrapbook and 20 papers I gave her for christmas. I thought she was going to cry with happiness when she opened it. You never know what is going to capture their hearts do you? Any way here is her first page... and all that Mama did was cuttlebug the title.
So onto the Dusty Attic order, timed much better this time, a week after the new releases came out instead of the week before. DOH!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes it's been a while for me too ... ... ... ...

Had a great day yesterday at the "Timaru Christmas Crop" where a few of us were discussing how bad we were at updating our blogs - the worst probably being ME! So when Google reader told me Diane Today for tomorrow had bet me to it, it was time for action. Debbie have you done yours?
I think why I havent gotten into the swing of blogging is I dont know who is reading it? Cyber space is a bit weird dont you think, you could quite easily become a hermit and never see anyone. NOT LIKELY for me, I get lonely after a morning by myself.
Speaking of being sociable, everybody seemed to love the new seating arrangements at yesterdays crop. Of course I didnt take a camera so if you weren't there you will just have to come another day to see what we did. Probably helps that I had never seen the usual layout and was really just making it up as I went along, however scrappers do love to chat and it allowed for plenty of that. Rebecca and I chatted all the way home about how we could pull it off for Raincliff Autumn Retreat.
Wednesday night sessions are going well here at the "shop" as my kids like to call it. Heres my take on the Kaiser Advent Calender. I used a combination of papers from Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas Delight range and  Fancy Pants Traditions range. I like it's originality, and the kids of course love it.

By the way did you all know (whoever is out there reading this) that my friend Kirsten and I went to the U2 concert in Auckland last week! It was truly wonderful, and being labled and the most spectacular stage show NZ has ever seen. The best part was I wasn't even the oldest there! even if I did only know one JZ song and my ears hurt when he was "singing".

 Back to the scrap booking heres one of the last pages I did using Senic Route Metropolis range, which I sourced for all you parents of boys like me!  It is a Kraft coloured card with cool geometric shapes including spots, stars and arrows. Very cool and easy to scrap simple and effective.

Thats it for me, husband is home and wondering why he has no dinner waiting.
I promise to update more, maybe even a New Years Resolution might be involved.
Happy silly season everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading... ... ...