Monday, December 29, 2008

Whew - Christmas Done!

Hi All

I hope you all had a relaxed christmas, we certinatly did apart from Abby who woke up at 4am and expected to open her presents!  At 5.30am we gave up and so started our LONG christmas day!

It was so much fun though here is Abby with her main present at 5.30am:

She was so excited as she was happy enough with her other presents.  The lady in the cycle shop had told her the bike she liked had been sold and they could not get another one in for christmas!

Here are the kids with their "belgium bread" house and the side that they each decorated!

My mum and dad came over for breakfast then came back later for lunch.  After a very relaxed BBQ (in the rain - poor ole Nigel the cook) my cousin and co founder in Embellish It - Evelyn and her family came over for a couple of hours to visit here is Nakita challenging them in the new singstar :

We then went out to Nigel's parents for tea but Jamie fell asleep at 6pm and we were home again by 8.30pm, 4am starts with his sister staying in his room for the night won't be repeated again next year he he.

I realised later in the night that we forgot to do the crackers, I had left them in the scrap room and forgot all about them!  But never fear we did them on boxing day and they were just as good!

I hope you all had a great day, and Santa was also kind to you all.

Hopefully I will get some time to get some scrappin done soon, I just need the days to not be so hot! (warm and pleasant will be great and I know I shouldn't complain but the real hot heat is just to much!).

Today got finished off with a water fight with the kids and Nigel is cooking the BBQ as we speak!

Wishing you all a very happy new year.  Take care.

tat ta for now


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The kids are counting down the hours, they have this silly idea that come one minute past midnight they can get up and open their presents - think again kids!

Today Abby I and got creative, thanks to Rachel (her wonderfull gingerbread house) I decided that a gingerbread house looked so cool we had to do it! We couldn't find a kit so decided to make one from scratch.  I dont actually like ginger so we made belgium biscuit mix and made one up here it is in the construction:

then here is Abby showing her (well us) trying to get it stuck together - not easy I can tell you see the crack down the middle of the roof!

But boy did they have fun putting it together, now sorry not the best picture - will get some better ones tomorrow (but they will still go on my "Twas the night before Christmas" layout thanks to Nic Howard).

We also did some chocolate wheelbarrows and some christmas puddings out of mellowpuffs!

Busy day and all this I might add whilst not feeling that flash (even though it was my once a year self inflicted - remind me NOT to do that again next year lol!)

All of those that commented on my blog over the last two days will get a RAK so please e-mail me your address and full names (apart from the local ladies - I know where to find you lol) and I will pop a small something in the post to you!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and merry christmas and a very happy new year!

Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun!

Hi All

Well what a grotty day! But a great day to be inside creating and thats exactly how I spent most of my day - yay it was really nice too!
Abby (11) and I (no age lol) took up the challenge of creating keepsakes and made an ornament to leave in a public place for some one to find, this is what Abby's looked like she did a really good job!

And I also made the same took ages to figure out the box lol!

We also decided to pinch Browyn's idea that came from Jo that came from........................................................... anyway you get the picture and we made our own Chritstmas crackers these little beauties have there own individual joke, balloon, chocolate santa's, bailey's chocolates, milk shake lollies, moro golds and other lollies (we are a junk food family dam it!). But we think they look pretty good to! Grandads even has a personalised fishing joke and all are complete with the bang in the middle!
Then first thing I decided to have a go at making this card - I did a couple of them and they are slightly different but I didn't take a picture of the other one and now I am to lazy but think you kinda get the idea!
I just LOVE those little Roses (used them on my box for the creating keepsake give away to).
There is about 10 for $2 which is great value I reckon cause they are just so darn cute!
Now you will see all my layouts with them - did you hear that Nic you will now have to create layouts with these so I can scrap lift them he he he!

Well, keep the comments coming you have until Monday to leave me a comment and I will draw a couple out for a RAK!
Hope you are having a creative, stress free weekend!
Bye bye for now

Friday, December 19, 2008

Secret Santa & Prima Goodness

Wow - Wow! What a neat surprise awaited my on my door step today! Secret Santa came and look what was in my surprise package all individually wrapped and in a box all made up with secret Santa to boot!

Thank you Kris this was so much fun to receive and will be much more fun to use you were WAY to generous but i LOVE IT!

And thanks to Trina for organising this - it was so much fun!
Now a couple of days ago I also had a Prima Order arrive take a look at all this yummy stuff!

It's hard to see but in there are some cute little white roses (just above the journal stamps) when I saw these and ordered them I had no idea what for, but loved them I have since found a card that used them and so I can't wait to have a play - might even make a card tonight with them, stay tuned and I might even show you lol.

I must admit that I have not been taking to much notice of all the doom and gloom that has been on the news etc about our economy. But boy did i get a shock when the bill came in for this lot of prima stuff! The american dollar is basically half by the time you pay the conversion fee and the cost to get it cleared! So I think this might be the last prima order for a while it really does not make it worth getting in, so ladies I suggest you buy up now on products as the prices are going to take a huge hike upwards, I can NOW see this coming.

I would like to take this opportunity to send my condolences to Beck and her family on the sad loss of her Nana, we send you and your family big *hugs*

Now just a little RAK (for those that don't know it is a - random act of kidness) leave me a comment and I will randomly draw a couple of names and send you out a small something (have no idea what it is yet lol) I will give you all until Monday to leave me a comment!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, December 15, 2008


What a weekend!

It has been a little like a circus here, Saturday it was cold and apart from running around with kids, and a little (I did say a little) bit of gardening nothing much else got done it was a Lazy Saturday!

Sunday was a little different we had visitors after visitors and after finally getting to town with Lisa, Nigel and the kids at about 3pm (we started to go at 10.30am) we managed to knock off 9 christmas presents - my first chirstmas presents, not that many more to go now really well half way there!

I also managed to get two layouts completed that had been sittling on my desk for many many months (only so we can start Nic Howards kit that we downloaded from Tarosita on Saturday without feeling to guilty).

I have a couple of cards that I have done for christmas with the new nestabilities (which we have in stock) here are a couple of examples.

Also I made my secret santa gift which was a chocolate rose, these are so fun to make and look really effective, but unfortunatly my photo leaves a lot to be desired so I won't post that one!

Well best I get off here and get ready for work only 9 more days of work then a month on holiday YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Girls

Every Tuesday we have a scrap group that mets - some nights more than others!
But this Tuesday we got really creative and actually got something done (which is a change for me).

Bronwyn had been surfing the web and found some cool projects to make - I will show you but first here is us (Bronwyn is hiding behind the camera!)
Now these cool little things on our desks are these

When I was at spotlight in Christchurch at the weekend I found some baubles so decided to buy them and give all the girls some to decorate (this was really so I could get some ideas on what to do myself) But here is a couple that the girls came up with:

Karen Farrent Bronwyn Rumble Diane Hanson

Oh and Bronwyn also made this one (do you think I can get mine to look like this!):

These were also made:

So all and all we had a productive evening! "the following people/blogs were used in the making of these"

lol but in all seriousness we stole the ideas from this list:

Santas - Vicki Parker
Bow - Splitcoast stampers
Tree decoration - Stamping Academy

We had so much fun - bring on next week!

I think thats it from me for today - have a great weekend Catch ya all soon!



Sunday, December 7, 2008

Page of the Day - Timaru Crop

Thanks Diane for e-mailing me your winning page of the day.

Now if Sandra is watching and Delys (lol or reading) - this is the doily/lace that you kindly gave us when we attended the sketch book retreat to give to our friend Diane and this is how she used it - doing you proud and wining page of the day with it!

We think Diane (Hanson) is very talented and needs to be entering many competitions or submitting her work as she is so talented! Well done Diane.

Also just to let you know that it also helps when you look up the right year when you are trying to get dates right! Thanks to all you observant people out there - Nic Howard is coming the last weekend on March but the date is Saturday the 28th not the 29th as I had it!

Check out this link to see the wonderful and talented Tim Holtz creating a new tag with HEAPS of new techniques for 12 days I think we are nearly half way thorough but you can scroll down to check out the ones that you have missed.

He has me inspired!

Oh and for those that are Nic Howard addicts (yes my name is Rachel and I AM a Nic Howard addict - nope no where near cured sorry Nic) there is an online class being held at Tarisota it is a very reasonable $10 AUD for all the instructions and this also allows you access into the online class so you can also chat to Nic about the project.

Bronwyn and I are already registered and hoping to have the product in that you will need to do the class (although this is proving to be a challenge!) So if you are interested register and let me know and I will do my best to source the papers!

Well that's about it form me - I am shattered we have been in Christchurch all weekend with Abby supporting her as she played for the under 12 South Canterbury Rep Basketball team. There was no time for visiting (sorry Elvina and Anne I had the best intentions) and now we are home trying to catch up on all the washing......... but of course catching up with blogs takes a priority

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nic Howard - In TIMARU!

How excited are we, our own (we will claim her) Nic Howard is coming to little ole Timaru!

When: Saturday the 29th of March 2009 -

Limited to 34 seats each class so hurry and don't be dissapointed!

Come and join us and Nic for two fantastic classes, each class is $58.

For those that choose to do both classes you are more than welcome to come and crop for the day at NO extra charge.(finer details will be advised closer to the time)

The following is a class description, trust us you will not be disappointed!

Layout class

What could be more fun that layers upon layers of fabulous product in a layout that is covered in detail. Join Nic Howard as she takes you behind the scenes in what will be an introduction to her 3 most favorite things, layering, dimension and the little things that make a layout special.
Nic makes this class special with the creation of a card with the leftovers - as well as sketches to extend the layout to a double, should the need be. She leaves no stone unturned - it's sure to be fun!

Card buffet...

Join Nic Howard in her most popular class - The fabulous Card Buffet! The card buffet has had amazing reviews all over New Zealand- but at Embellish It we are adding nic's latest secret ingredient - a sweet twist. It is nearly Easter time, after all. Not Easter cards - but plenty of sweet treats! Nothing goes more hand in hand than scrapbooking, card making and chocolate! Join Nic Howard as she puts on her apron and presents this delectable delight - 2 hours of creating as many cards as you can possibly get done with gorgeous papers, lace, flowers, Glimmer Mist and the 'buffet of Prima goodness'...all laid out complete with crystals, leaves, buttons, ribbon, bling and flowers in every colour you can cr-EAT-e with! It's certainly different from your average class, it's a little bit of everything - from making sweet treats to good old scrapbooking fun... it's fast paced, fun and sure to inspire! We'll complete 6 cards in class but you'll leave with plenty of technique and product inspiration to keep on creating for hours.

Now just so you know Bronwyn said to let you all know that we have done Nic's Card Buffet class (that's why we wanted to bring it to you - it is so much fun and packed with idea's) and although she says "fast paced" this is the ONLY class Bronwyn completed in a class time frame! So don't let that put you off.

This is a great class that gives you heaps of techniques that you can use on a scrapbooking page and to use up your scraps on making beautiful cards - that are getting SO expensive to buy - save your money and make your own from your scraps!

If you book in for both classes you are welcome to scrap the rest of the day away until 9pm so you will have plenty of time to finish anything you may have started or get heaps more projects done! So come and make a day or weekend of it!

First in First served, booking is by way of paying for your class/s.

Check out Nic's Blog here and see some of her amazing work!

Make it a christmas present to yourself - you deserve it!

Have a great day!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Crop for 2008

Well it is all over for the crops for 2008! *sigh* not sure if thats cause "oh it is all over" or "thank goodness its all over" lol. It has been a very busy year for us, with the crops trying to keep Timaru and Oamaru Ladies all happy and not scrapped out!
I do want to take this opportunity though to thank you all for your support this year, it had been much appreciated. I love being able to supply you with the things that you need/want for your scrapbook style. And remember please if you want something let me know and I will always do my best to try to get it for you!
We had a blast and the day went so fast! Before we knoew it - it was nine oclock!
Page of the day winner was Diane with her beautiful work (if you are reading this Diane I would love a picture as in my hast to pack up I forgot - sorry!) She won for herself a set of Rachel Greig's stamp set - well done Diane!
There were spot prizes (well actually everyone got a prize) with some Christmas questions and then just silly questions because some of the questions were just to hard!
Did you all know that there was originally only 8 raindeer and rudolf was added later! (well I didn't!)
Here are some photos of the last crop of 2008!
Busy Busy!
Anne, Bronwyn, Rachel (me!) & Elvina

I know I will get into trouble for this one - but for those that didn't have the pleasure of meeting Anne and Elvina these two TROUBLE-some Elfs are our friends that we met in Wellington while attending SENZ I can tell you they led us little Timaru-vians astray! Thanks so much ladies for making the trip from Christchurch to attend our crop - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you! *hugs*
Nic & Co even brought fondue to share - YUM O!

Jacob & Beck's made me this very cool and VERY me wreath! Yum thanks so much you two! (sorry its not round the right way lol) And just for the record there are only 3 gone already!

And this one has nothing to do with the crop but was so cute I just had to share. Basil didn't much like his hat but Abby thought he looked like he really wanted to wear it! NOT!

Well I think that's about it for just now, I will update soon with the final detials on the Nic Howard visit to Timaru - bring it on! I hope she can cope with us lol!