Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Girls

Every Tuesday we have a scrap group that mets - some nights more than others!
But this Tuesday we got really creative and actually got something done (which is a change for me).

Bronwyn had been surfing the web and found some cool projects to make - I will show you but first here is us (Bronwyn is hiding behind the camera!)
Now these cool little things on our desks are these

When I was at spotlight in Christchurch at the weekend I found some baubles so decided to buy them and give all the girls some to decorate (this was really so I could get some ideas on what to do myself) But here is a couple that the girls came up with:

Karen Farrent Bronwyn Rumble Diane Hanson

Oh and Bronwyn also made this one (do you think I can get mine to look like this!):

These were also made:

So all and all we had a productive evening! "the following people/blogs were used in the making of these"

lol but in all seriousness we stole the ideas from this list:

Santas - Vicki Parker
Bow - Splitcoast stampers
Tree decoration - Stamping Academy

We had so much fun - bring on next week!

I think thats it from me for today - have a great weekend Catch ya all soon!




Mel said...

Isn't it amazing to see what different things people can make when they start with the same 'ingredients'. Lovely!

Bronwyn said...

Yeah it was a great night it's not that often on a Tuesday night that we are so productive usually we just talk - lol
It helps that we have the Embellish it shop just downm the road to grab what we need the last person to arrive usually ends up being the courier - lol

mandyb said...

cool treats you made there... I too stole the reindeer candycanes off vicki... share and share alike I say!!!