Monday, December 15, 2008


What a weekend!

It has been a little like a circus here, Saturday it was cold and apart from running around with kids, and a little (I did say a little) bit of gardening nothing much else got done it was a Lazy Saturday!

Sunday was a little different we had visitors after visitors and after finally getting to town with Lisa, Nigel and the kids at about 3pm (we started to go at 10.30am) we managed to knock off 9 christmas presents - my first chirstmas presents, not that many more to go now really well half way there!

I also managed to get two layouts completed that had been sittling on my desk for many many months (only so we can start Nic Howards kit that we downloaded from Tarosita on Saturday without feeling to guilty).

I have a couple of cards that I have done for christmas with the new nestabilities (which we have in stock) here are a couple of examples.

Also I made my secret santa gift which was a chocolate rose, these are so fun to make and look really effective, but unfortunatly my photo leaves a lot to be desired so I won't post that one!

Well best I get off here and get ready for work only 9 more days of work then a month on holiday YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!



Hannah said...

Those cards are SO adorable!!
Yay for making such a great start on your Christmas shopping! I guess I'm about halfway through as well. December is running away on me, LOL :-)

angel gurl said...

cute cards and sounds like you had a social weekend with visitors. Well done for making a start on your xmas presents.

Bronwyn said...

Gorgeous cards those nestabilities are so much fun