Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes it's been a while for me too ... ... ... ...

Had a great day yesterday at the "Timaru Christmas Crop" where a few of us were discussing how bad we were at updating our blogs - the worst probably being ME! So when Google reader told me Diane Today for tomorrow had bet me to it, it was time for action. Debbie have you done yours?
I think why I havent gotten into the swing of blogging is I dont know who is reading it? Cyber space is a bit weird dont you think, you could quite easily become a hermit and never see anyone. NOT LIKELY for me, I get lonely after a morning by myself.
Speaking of being sociable, everybody seemed to love the new seating arrangements at yesterdays crop. Of course I didnt take a camera so if you weren't there you will just have to come another day to see what we did. Probably helps that I had never seen the usual layout and was really just making it up as I went along, however scrappers do love to chat and it allowed for plenty of that. Rebecca and I chatted all the way home about how we could pull it off for Raincliff Autumn Retreat.
Wednesday night sessions are going well here at the "shop" as my kids like to call it. Heres my take on the Kaiser Advent Calender. I used a combination of papers from Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas Delight range and  Fancy Pants Traditions range. I like it's originality, and the kids of course love it.

By the way did you all know (whoever is out there reading this) that my friend Kirsten and I went to the U2 concert in Auckland last week! It was truly wonderful, and being labled and the most spectacular stage show NZ has ever seen. The best part was I wasn't even the oldest there! even if I did only know one JZ song and my ears hurt when he was "singing".

 Back to the scrap booking heres one of the last pages I did using Senic Route Metropolis range, which I sourced for all you parents of boys like me!  It is a Kraft coloured card with cool geometric shapes including spots, stars and arrows. Very cool and easy to scrap simple and effective.

Thats it for me, husband is home and wondering why he has no dinner waiting.
I promise to update more, maybe even a New Years Resolution might be involved.
Happy silly season everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading... ... ...