Sunday, August 23, 2009

Raincliff - Over for another 6 months!

Wow it's been a week since we were all at Raincliff, I feel like I have not recovered fully yet!

What a fantastic weekend even if I did view it from the kitchen he he.
Bronwyn and Jo did a awesome job of running out the front - I might never return lol except the kitchen is NOT where I can see myself. Mum, Dad and Aunty can have that job back!
I must also send a HUGE "THANKS" to my friend Felicity (and to Gordon for letting her come out to us) for running the kitchen and getting all the food organised for us so we could run solo on Sunday although we missed you on the Sunday we managed to get through.

I have lots of photos and lots of stories from camp and will try to post them one at a time though out the week. Camp is always full of shenanigans and this one was no exception.
I headed to bed early on Saturday night knowing what a huge day it would be on Sunday cooking and packing up - only to find some rat bags had tied my PJ's in knots, and they waited outside of my bunk room to hear my reaction (giggle).
I had got back into bed and was talking to my wonderful Aunty and she said "there is some one outside" I opened the door and found this!

What a giggle apparently they had knocked the metal posts on each side of the bunk room door but i never heard a thing - Did I BECKS, JO, NIC, KATHRYN and who else?

But I did get my own as when Jo woke up late on Sunday this was the view from inside her bunk room!

Here is a group photo although we are missing Jude and karen, sorry ladies we needed to get a photo so we can "insert you" into the group. What a bunch of wonderful ladies!

Must mention we had a lady from Pukakoe (did I spell that right) Auckland anyway - how cool was that!

There was a POWER of work done and lots of talking and lots of laughs so thanks to you all for a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy your week I will be back with some more updates soon.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You

Just a quick update to thank those very much that took the time to make or buy mum or "camp mum" a get well card.

She has received so many cards and flowers that she is truly humbled by it all, and wanted me to do this blog post to thank you all.

We missed her at camp and even though Felicity and Aunty Cicley made it all so much easier than it could have been we all missed "camp mum and dad", but trust me when I say she will be at the next one boots and all!

Well thats it just a quick one but I will be back very soon with an update on camp and the shenanigans that went on!

Catch you all soon


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Girl

Wow this time twelve years ago I was one day of starting labour - and OH so ready!

So today my daughter is having a sleep over with two of her friends and hopefully the telethon tonight will keep them amused as they camp in the lounge!

So what have I been up to today? Well a little selling scrapbook stuff and kids sport and making the birthday cake of course. While they take HOURS to make i do enjoy it really and it won't be long before they won't want a "character" cake and candles so i will take it while I can get it.

Here is the cake - it didn't photograph as well as it actually looks in real life but Abby plays the drums and wanted a drum cake - I was happy with the result but it does look better in real life.

So now for me while the girls are happy and outside playing, I will get back into doing the Raincliff preparation - ops nope off to the scrap room to make the 12 year old a birthday card!

Happy birthday Abby - love the last 12 years and I look forward to watching you grow more into the fantastic woman that I know you will be.

Lots of Love Mum

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raincliff Retreat 1 week and 5 days!

Wow that sounds so close when you say it like that!

We are well organised for the retreat with most of our stock in (just a little more to come)Although with it overflowing into my bedroom I am not sure where we will find the room!

We also will have a whole new line to show you at Raincliff - actually nothing to do with scrabbooking but we are REALLY excited to bring you this new product release so start thinking Christmas presents - because actually that is not that far away either!

After Raincliff I will load some pictures here for you all to see the new display board that I MADE (ok so with a little/lot of help from Sean - thanks work mate!)
I think I might change occupations because I loved playing Joiner!
I will then also load then onto the web site to enable everyone to be able to order/purchase.

Jo, Bo and I went to the trade show in Christchurch last weekend and sourced some new suppliers and of course also the "new Product" to be revealed at camp!

But we also had a fun weekend staying the night at my Big Brothers house in Christchurch then having McDonalds for breakfast (my first time I might add)not my last - the bagel was YUMMY! Then off to the trade show we saw LOTS and LOTS of yummy stuff and not all of it scrapbooking!
Then we called in to see our very good friends Anne and Elvina and saw Anne's new home complete with a "girl cave" aka Scrap room - one word for the whole house really - DELICIOUS!

Apart from that nothing much has been happening just preparation for the camp!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Catch you all soon