Sunday, August 23, 2009

Raincliff - Over for another 6 months!

Wow it's been a week since we were all at Raincliff, I feel like I have not recovered fully yet!

What a fantastic weekend even if I did view it from the kitchen he he.
Bronwyn and Jo did a awesome job of running out the front - I might never return lol except the kitchen is NOT where I can see myself. Mum, Dad and Aunty can have that job back!
I must also send a HUGE "THANKS" to my friend Felicity (and to Gordon for letting her come out to us) for running the kitchen and getting all the food organised for us so we could run solo on Sunday although we missed you on the Sunday we managed to get through.

I have lots of photos and lots of stories from camp and will try to post them one at a time though out the week. Camp is always full of shenanigans and this one was no exception.
I headed to bed early on Saturday night knowing what a huge day it would be on Sunday cooking and packing up - only to find some rat bags had tied my PJ's in knots, and they waited outside of my bunk room to hear my reaction (giggle).
I had got back into bed and was talking to my wonderful Aunty and she said "there is some one outside" I opened the door and found this!

What a giggle apparently they had knocked the metal posts on each side of the bunk room door but i never heard a thing - Did I BECKS, JO, NIC, KATHRYN and who else?

But I did get my own as when Jo woke up late on Sunday this was the view from inside her bunk room!

Here is a group photo although we are missing Jude and karen, sorry ladies we needed to get a photo so we can "insert you" into the group. What a bunch of wonderful ladies!

Must mention we had a lady from Pukakoe (did I spell that right) Auckland anyway - how cool was that!

There was a POWER of work done and lots of talking and lots of laughs so thanks to you all for a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy your week I will be back with some more updates soon.


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angelgurl said...

oh Rachel, that was so funny to read about the hijinks and pranks you got up to. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.