Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Money or The Bag?

I am laughing so hard have you read Nic Howards Blog about her visit to Timaru she reminded me of Selwyn Togood's Money or the Bag show - what a crack up i guess that is also showing our age!

But seriously I reckon Nic honestly enjoyed Timaru and the lovely ladies that came to take her class's on Saturday.

I was just so relieved when my daughter (who probably talked Nic's ear off on the journey from Christchurch all the way to Timaru - sorry about that lol) txt to say they had our precious cargo on board because then I knew the day would be a good one, no fog the plane could land (whew) although the earth did move when it knew Nic was coming as Timaru felt an earthquake at 5.46am!  

We started the day with the layout class and boy did those sewing machines take a hammering and the lovely ladies again didn't stress or get annoyed by the wait, they all got to know each other in the queue - a joke or two even being told!  Here are a couple of pic's showing you that old and new photo's worked just brilliantly with this layout:

Then in between the class's the fantastic cook/scrapbooker/photographer/mother/friend etc Beck made these delicious cup cakes for us to much on (she was actually trying to make the rest of us weigh in HEAVY on Monday) thanks Beck they were SO yummy check out Beck's blog for the recipe!

Then the Card Buffet class started and there was a delicious variety of flowers, bling, glitter, lace etc to play with along with some YUMMY fudge that Nic made and brought with her if you ask her nicely I am sure she will part with the recipe ;-)

Here is a picture of someone's card that they made, seriously all the cards were so individual and even though they came off the same instructions they were all different check out here to see more!

I want to take this opportunity also to thank my friends, Bronwyn, Christine, Beck, Jo & Sean for helping me set up and to Diane, Beck, Jayne, Bronwyn & Anne for loaning me the extra tables and to everyone who stayed behind to help pack up again, without this help it wouldn't be possible for me to run these days and it is all the behind the scene work like that, that makes it all possible.  *big hugs* to you all.

Thanks to all the ladies that travelled all the way from Invercargill, Dunedin, Gore and Chirstchurch etc you girls rock!

Also a big thanks to Nic Howard who gave up her time with her family to come to Timaru and take these class's, we appreciate it so very much!  

Next up is the Crop on the 25th of April and also taking bookings now for Raincliff Winter Retreat all details on our web site!

Have a great week everyone - happy crafting!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whiff of Joy - In more ways than one!

Well we have some exciting news - we are now getting in Whiff of Joy stamps!  Yay can't tell you how excited I am we (Bronwyn and I) have been having a bit of a play with them and just LOVE them, check out what the design team do with them just follow the link from the whiff of Joy Design Team Members and have a look at the creations makes you want to head straight to your "craft room or spot".  There are also some new release's due on the 23rd we have some of these on our order!  Also the fairy and dragon are so cute can't wait for them to arrive and have a bit of a play too!

If there is anything you think you see and might like just drop me a line and let me know and hopefully I would have already ordered it on this first order or we can order it in for you!

                             (sorry this one was "card lifted" and I have no idea where from)

Here are a couple of people that you need to head to their blogs and see what gorgeous "candy" (giveaways) they have on offer.

First up is Bev - wow this lady is so talented!  We have been watching her blog for some time now and she has been very kind in answering my questions so hopefully we can bring you the bits and peices that she uses in her cards - when I grow up I want to be as good as this lady!

Jacquie is another amazing lady and check out her blog candy here!

These ladies have anazing work and is a great source of inspiration!

Wow this time next week ladies we will be sitting in Nic Howard's class - can't beleive how that time has just dissapeared!  We have about 3 spare places in each class so if you are still thinking of coming NOW is the time to do it!

That's it from me, have a wonderful weekend hope you manage to fit a bit of "Crafty" stuff in there.



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home from Raincliff

Gosh were does the time go?

What a wonderful weekend we had at Raincliff, 35 ladies all scrappin and not a lot of sleeping!

The record to bet is only 5 hours sleep for the whole weekend - madness!  There was also the ladies that left there knickers behind so my lovely husband did the knicker pick up and delivery he he, he rang to say he had them on the aerial and was on his way out - but seriously it made for a few actually lots of laughs!

Then there was this lot:

perhaps you might remember them as the scrap angels from last year - although I have to say that they were a lot quieter this year - might have to remedy that or was it just that they were getting a power of work done?  Looking forward to the next one to see what they decide to come as?

Our make N take was this little number from Katheryn

Katheryn Kindly showed us a book binding technique, everyone had their first initial cut and also a image for the front cover, everyone's book's looked different.  Then this was painted over with either green or blue (some used there own paint so we also had pinks etc) and then we used glitter glaze to give our books that shine with glitter - bling it up a little!

Thanks so much to you Katheryn for all the preparation and for taking the make n take!

Then the very deserving Katheryn won the page or "project" of the weekend, I wish I had taken some photos of the inside because this was just georgous and so very well done - so congratulations Katheryn you so deserved all your votes (voting on is done by all the ladies that attended). I am so glad that I don't have to vote as it was a hard job but in the end Katheryn won easily so well done!

Thanks to all the 35 ladies that spent the weekend with us, the Oamaru ladies who were so much fun, and to Ngaio and karyl who we had the pleasure to sit with for the weekend and who shared their inspiration with us, the Timaru ladies and our friends who without you all we couldn't make this happen or to be the huge sucess that you ladies made it.  Thanks also to those that stayed and helped us pack up - it was fantasic it made it so much easier and faster - thank you, thank you!

Raincliff Winter Retreat has been booked and details are on our web site but bookings/deposits won't be taken until April until after Nic Howard's classes are over and boy that is so close now it is going to be here so fast!  There are 5 spots left for each class so if you are still thinking of coming book NOW so you don't miss out!

A HUGE congratulations to Jo Flannery and Beck Caithness who completed the Hadlow to Harbor at the weekend, I was there to cheer them on coming in over the finishing line and maybe next year we can enter a scrapbooking team??? Watch this space lol.

I know that there was more that I wanted to share with you but can't remember just right now what it was, so hopefully it won't be this long again before I post - I promise he he.

Have a great week, hope you get some time to get some crafting done and the weather is telling us how good an idea that is -where did summer go?

Catch you all soon