Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Post :-)

Well the time has come for me to hand over this blog to Tania who on Friday purchased Embellish It and has fantastic energy and can see a fantastic path forward for the business!
This was us after we had packed the trailer - for me for the last time and for the first time for Tania, I was pushing it out and Tania was keen to pull!

It was blowing something wicked on Friday which made for interesting pack up - lucky there wasn't papers flying all the way to Invercargill!
So Saturday morning saw us trying to pack the scrap room down with all my *stuff* in it - lol  Saturday afternoon saw Beck over and she helped me sort - thanks so much Beck - seriously she got me in the "throw it out" mode!
Nigel thinks that Tania forgot most of the stock and is threatening me that he is going to have a garage sale - got news for him!!!!!!!!!!
The lounge still looks like a bomb hit it, but this morning we re-painted the scrap room and I have my bed in it, Jamie got shifted into our bedroom, and Abby into his - all this for about a month or so while we get new windows put in their bedrooms and our old bedroom gets turned into a new bathroom and toilet!  YAY!
Anyway enough about that!  I will head back to my old blog which i hope to be able to blog on every now and then :-)
I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments that have come through my e-mail, and if anyone would like to keep in touch my personal e-mail will keep you in touch with me!
Have a fantastic week everyone, and I will see you all at the crop on the 2nd of October at Highfield School - I will be the one scrappin :-)

Until then - take care :-)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raffle Results

A HUGE thank you to all of you that supported Abby in her ambition to raise $600 for the Leukemia & Blood Foundation - she made that goal and tomorrow will head of to give her bag of coins to the Cancer foundation to go to the Leukemia & Blood division.

A BIG thanks to all our friends - family and scrappin - who willingly took raffle books and sold them for Abby - without your help it would not have been possible.
And to our sponsors: Pope Print, Bennys Again Restaurant, Barkers Fruit Processors, Soul Surf & Skate, Noel Leemings, Watties, The Fontrunner, Embellish It Scrapbooking, Toyworld, Green thistle House Jewellery.

And here are the winners as drawn by the Timaru Police Station

Here was the list of Prizes

1st $50 Benny's again voucher and Barkers Gift Basket    - ME!!!!!!!!!!  not rigged I promise!
2nd $150 scrapbooking Products                                      - Jimmy Wallace
3rd Woman's hoodie and Man's T Shirt                             - Jo Flannery
4th Electric Salt & Pepper Mills, watties gift box                - Tracey Agnew
5th 2 Soccer balls, Domino games, Schotty Star Trek action Figure      - Robbi Bell
6th Soccer ball & Necklace                                               -  Alister Hunt
7th 2 Soccer balls                                                              - Jacob Caithness

Abby told the Police woman that mum won first prize - she laughed and said people will think it was rigged but HONEST I brought 2 books of tickets and I NEVER win anything!

Anyway thanks again to you all :-)

Have a great week!



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What A Week!

Well wasn't the last week a hectic crazy one?  My heart goes out to all those effected in the Canterbury Earthquake - it was scary enough here I sure wouldn't want to be 160kms closer!
I have two brothers (many friends and clients also in Canterbury).  One of my brothers house is fine but Andrew (my big big bro) looks like his may not be and might have to be pulled down - that on top of all the aftershocks just makes me feel sick for him his wife and three children, and the many many more that are in the same situation.
On top of all of that we have had mum back in ICU for 4 days and 2 on the ward - she is home now and until Christchurch cardiac unit opens up and starts to take people from outside the region we are just waiting.
On top of that we are trying to decide on plans for the house - so it has been all go!

Anyway a couple of more photos from Raincliff.

Beck's make this lovely card for me and everyone signed it.  It is made from calico and prima paper, prima flowers all my favourite things  - how did she know lol!
She is so clever take a look:

the flowers were also from the girls.

I am so humbled at all the kind words on the card and will cherish it forever.

Thank you to you all for a wonderful ride - and hopefully next week I will have some exciting news to share with you all!

Until then - HUG your family very tight and have a fantastic week!



Friday, September 3, 2010

Where has this week gone?

Wow i can't believe it that this time last week we were just starting camp!
Anyway I have some more pictures to share with you here are some of the tables being very busy:

This one is of the very clever "bed Buddie" that Ngaio made for Evelyn.  Evelyn is a bad snorer and her "bunk mate" had to leave on Saturday night due to illness and she hates to sleep alone so when she went to her bunk room this was what was waiting for her in her bed so she didn't feel alone:
Ngaio did a wonderful job - although i am told that when she went to bed her nighty had knots in the sleeves now I wonder how could have done that?

We also did a make n take of sorts - we gave everyone a package with a chocolate bar, Dusty Attic tree, flowers, brads, a piece of bazzill of their choice and a Prima paintables.  We set out the distress inks and the water colour pencils and left the ladies to it to see what they could come up with.  MAN they were ALL fantastic here are some pictures:
I know you have to turn your head to see these two - but it is round the right way on my computer for some reason it won't upload here the right way!
There are SO many amazing layouts - the winner drawn from names that played along won $80.00 of Dusty Attic - a hugh thanks to Dusy Attic for sponsoring us that prize!

Anyway I think that is enough photos for one post :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!