Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What A Week!

Well wasn't the last week a hectic crazy one?  My heart goes out to all those effected in the Canterbury Earthquake - it was scary enough here I sure wouldn't want to be 160kms closer!
I have two brothers (many friends and clients also in Canterbury).  One of my brothers house is fine but Andrew (my big big bro) looks like his may not be and might have to be pulled down - that on top of all the aftershocks just makes me feel sick for him his wife and three children, and the many many more that are in the same situation.
On top of all of that we have had mum back in ICU for 4 days and 2 on the ward - she is home now and until Christchurch cardiac unit opens up and starts to take people from outside the region we are just waiting.
On top of that we are trying to decide on plans for the house - so it has been all go!

Anyway a couple of more photos from Raincliff.

Beck's make this lovely card for me and everyone signed it.  It is made from calico and prima paper, prima flowers all my favourite things  - how did she know lol!
She is so clever take a look:

the flowers were also from the girls.

I am so humbled at all the kind words on the card and will cherish it forever.

Thank you to you all for a wonderful ride - and hopefully next week I will have some exciting news to share with you all!

Until then - HUG your family very tight and have a fantastic week!




cameracrazychick said...

Awww *blush* :) Man, you have an AWESOME day to be at home - from here in my little office it looks FAB outside!

Trace said...

Oh Rach, sorry to hear your Mum has had a bit of a scare again - glad to hear she's at home, but waitings such a pain in the butt. And bad news about your brother's house - we were so, so lucky that it hit in the early hours of the morning, the alternative doesn't bare thinking about. Hey I've been checking out the shop but any news of the Tim Holtz flower dies?

Mel said...

Poor brother- hasn't it just been awful for everyone?

mandyb said...

hope your mum gets better soon!!! not nice to be in hospital like that!!!
love the flowers and that card too