Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raffle Results

A HUGE thank you to all of you that supported Abby in her ambition to raise $600 for the Leukemia & Blood Foundation - she made that goal and tomorrow will head of to give her bag of coins to the Cancer foundation to go to the Leukemia & Blood division.

A BIG thanks to all our friends - family and scrappin - who willingly took raffle books and sold them for Abby - without your help it would not have been possible.
And to our sponsors: Pope Print, Bennys Again Restaurant, Barkers Fruit Processors, Soul Surf & Skate, Noel Leemings, Watties, The Fontrunner, Embellish It Scrapbooking, Toyworld, Green thistle House Jewellery.

And here are the winners as drawn by the Timaru Police Station

Here was the list of Prizes

1st $50 Benny's again voucher and Barkers Gift Basket    - ME!!!!!!!!!!  not rigged I promise!
2nd $150 scrapbooking Products                                      - Jimmy Wallace
3rd Woman's hoodie and Man's T Shirt                             - Jo Flannery
4th Electric Salt & Pepper Mills, watties gift box                - Tracey Agnew
5th 2 Soccer balls, Domino games, Schotty Star Trek action Figure      - Robbi Bell
6th Soccer ball & Necklace                                               -  Alister Hunt
7th 2 Soccer balls                                                              - Jacob Caithness

Abby told the Police woman that mum won first prize - she laughed and said people will think it was rigged but HONEST I brought 2 books of tickets and I NEVER win anything!

Anyway thanks again to you all :-)

Have a great week!




mandyb said...

YAh for the raffle results!!!! well done Abby....
lol about winning first prize too Rachel!!!

Green Thistle said...

Congrats to Abby on a great raffle. And perhaps it was divine intervention that gave you first prize for all the hard work you do!

Liddy said...

That's awesome news, I've been wondering about this because no raffle books arrived for me to sell and I keep meaning to email you and check, anyway well done Abby and THANKYOU for supporting this cause.

Sonya said...

Well done on your win! LOL at you buying two books, we do that here with all of the school raffels and never win anything either! Nice to see good luck come your way :-)