Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Post :-)

Well the time has come for me to hand over this blog to Tania who on Friday purchased Embellish It and has fantastic energy and can see a fantastic path forward for the business!
This was us after we had packed the trailer - for me for the last time and for the first time for Tania, I was pushing it out and Tania was keen to pull!

It was blowing something wicked on Friday which made for interesting pack up - lucky there wasn't papers flying all the way to Invercargill!
So Saturday morning saw us trying to pack the scrap room down with all my *stuff* in it - lol  Saturday afternoon saw Beck over and she helped me sort - thanks so much Beck - seriously she got me in the "throw it out" mode!
Nigel thinks that Tania forgot most of the stock and is threatening me that he is going to have a garage sale - got news for him!!!!!!!!!!
The lounge still looks like a bomb hit it, but this morning we re-painted the scrap room and I have my bed in it, Jamie got shifted into our bedroom, and Abby into his - all this for about a month or so while we get new windows put in their bedrooms and our old bedroom gets turned into a new bathroom and toilet!  YAY!
Anyway enough about that!  I will head back to my old blog which i hope to be able to blog on every now and then :-)
I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments that have come through my e-mail, and if anyone would like to keep in touch my personal e-mail will keep you in touch with me!
Have a fantastic week everyone, and I will see you all at the crop on the 2nd of October at Highfield School - I will be the one scrappin :-)

Until then - take care :-)



mandyb said...

so sad to say goodbye to you on this blog....will cross over to the other one now!!!

hello tania **waves**

cameracrazychick said...

Rach - you're welcome! See you at your other blog ;)

Tania - can't wait to see/hear what you have planned! See you on October 2nd (only 4 more sleeps!)


Sonya said... sad you are going Rachel:-( I wish you well in your new endevours.
We have the wind back agin tonight in Duntroon...hope its leaving you alone.
Hi and welcome Tania

Jenn from Ash said...

Thanks Rachel - Sorry I haven't done much shopping lately, but thanks for all the help over the years. Will keep in contact, somehow, somewhere.