Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raincliff Retreat 1 week and 5 days!

Wow that sounds so close when you say it like that!

We are well organised for the retreat with most of our stock in (just a little more to come)Although with it overflowing into my bedroom I am not sure where we will find the room!

We also will have a whole new line to show you at Raincliff - actually nothing to do with scrabbooking but we are REALLY excited to bring you this new product release so start thinking Christmas presents - because actually that is not that far away either!

After Raincliff I will load some pictures here for you all to see the new display board that I MADE (ok so with a little/lot of help from Sean - thanks work mate!)
I think I might change occupations because I loved playing Joiner!
I will then also load then onto the web site to enable everyone to be able to order/purchase.

Jo, Bo and I went to the trade show in Christchurch last weekend and sourced some new suppliers and of course also the "new Product" to be revealed at camp!

But we also had a fun weekend staying the night at my Big Brothers house in Christchurch then having McDonalds for breakfast (my first time I might add)not my last - the bagel was YUMMY! Then off to the trade show we saw LOTS and LOTS of yummy stuff and not all of it scrapbooking!
Then we called in to see our very good friends Anne and Elvina and saw Anne's new home complete with a "girl cave" aka Scrap room - one word for the whole house really - DELICIOUS!

Apart from that nothing much has been happening just preparation for the camp!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Catch you all soon


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