Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Crop for 2008

Well it is all over for the crops for 2008! *sigh* not sure if thats cause "oh it is all over" or "thank goodness its all over" lol. It has been a very busy year for us, with the crops trying to keep Timaru and Oamaru Ladies all happy and not scrapped out!
I do want to take this opportunity though to thank you all for your support this year, it had been much appreciated. I love being able to supply you with the things that you need/want for your scrapbook style. And remember please if you want something let me know and I will always do my best to try to get it for you!
We had a blast and the day went so fast! Before we knoew it - it was nine oclock!
Page of the day winner was Diane with her beautiful work (if you are reading this Diane I would love a picture as in my hast to pack up I forgot - sorry!) She won for herself a set of Rachel Greig's stamp set - well done Diane!
There were spot prizes (well actually everyone got a prize) with some Christmas questions and then just silly questions because some of the questions were just to hard!
Did you all know that there was originally only 8 raindeer and rudolf was added later! (well I didn't!)
Here are some photos of the last crop of 2008!
Busy Busy!
Anne, Bronwyn, Rachel (me!) & Elvina

I know I will get into trouble for this one - but for those that didn't have the pleasure of meeting Anne and Elvina these two TROUBLE-some Elfs are our friends that we met in Wellington while attending SENZ I can tell you they led us little Timaru-vians astray! Thanks so much ladies for making the trip from Christchurch to attend our crop - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you! *hugs*
Nic & Co even brought fondue to share - YUM O!

Jacob & Beck's made me this very cool and VERY me wreath! Yum thanks so much you two! (sorry its not round the right way lol) And just for the record there are only 3 gone already!

And this one has nothing to do with the crop but was so cute I just had to share. Basil didn't much like his hat but Abby thought he looked like he really wanted to wear it! NOT!

Well I think that's about it for just now, I will update soon with the final detials on the Nic Howard visit to Timaru - bring it on! I hope she can cope with us lol!


Bo said...

And who said they would never have anything to blog about - lol - go you
A great day it was too - bring on Nic

Angel Gurl said...

looks like you had a blast at the crop, love those elves outfits that Elvina and Anne are wearing, how cute. They were at the airport as we were leaving I think from memory. Wow I am sure you will get a good crowd to Nic H classes....

cameracrazychick said...

What's with the wreath being the wrong way round huh?! Ha ha ha. Well done you for taking some pics - I WAS going to suggest you post a pic of page of the day on your blog, but you've beaten me to it! Well the idea is there anyway :) I am off to UPDATE my blog now - surprise surprise! Byeee Becks