Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun!

Hi All

Well what a grotty day! But a great day to be inside creating and thats exactly how I spent most of my day - yay it was really nice too!
Abby (11) and I (no age lol) took up the challenge of creating keepsakes and made an ornament to leave in a public place for some one to find, this is what Abby's looked like she did a really good job!

And I also made the same took ages to figure out the box lol!

We also decided to pinch Browyn's idea that came from Jo that came from........................................................... anyway you get the picture and we made our own Chritstmas crackers these little beauties have there own individual joke, balloon, chocolate santa's, bailey's chocolates, milk shake lollies, moro golds and other lollies (we are a junk food family dam it!). But we think they look pretty good to! Grandads even has a personalised fishing joke and all are complete with the bang in the middle!
Then first thing I decided to have a go at making this card - I did a couple of them and they are slightly different but I didn't take a picture of the other one and now I am to lazy but think you kinda get the idea!
I just LOVE those little Roses (used them on my box for the creating keepsake give away to).
There is about 10 for $2 which is great value I reckon cause they are just so darn cute!
Now you will see all my layouts with them - did you hear that Nic you will now have to create layouts with these so I can scrap lift them he he he!

Well, keep the comments coming you have until Monday to leave me a comment and I will draw a couple out for a RAK!
Hope you are having a creative, stress free weekend!
Bye bye for now


Bo said...

Wow you have been very busy they all look gorgeous and it's another grotty day today what can we expect to see tomorrow - hehehe

nic said...

hmmm ok...roses lol

(how seriosuly funny that my word verification code right there is nomake)

angel gurl said...

hey those are beautiful crackers. Love what you did with the decorations, such a cool idea and I am sure someone will just love them.

Hannah said...

I LOVE those crackers! Just fabulous!! The decorations are amazing too.

cameracrazychick said...

Cool crackers - i made mine too, well some of them - we left ours at the hospice and the hospital, i have more to make for christmas day yet...