Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids are off to school, Mama is home alone....

That moment has come in my life when all my little birds have flown away and I am left with an empty nest. Greg and I still cant decide if we should have tried harder for number three (no pun intended) but after trying for two years and the magical "40" approaching fast we may have missed that boat.
However it is very exciting seeing your youngest starting school and absolutely loving it. Every morning he says to me "do I get to go to school again today Mama?" so cute. He's not actually 5 yet but with six kids due to start this month in his class it just makes sense for them to all start on the first day. Charlie is one of those kids who loves rules so school is perfect for him, rules and routines everywhere. Only problem is, now he and Rosie argue constantly about how things are supposed to be done - they both think they are the school experts.

On the scrapping front I have been spending about 4hrs a day on the computer trying to decide which of the new ranges to get in etc. You would not believe how hard I find this! Dont get me wrong, shopping is good fun and my husband knows I am very experienced at it, but, the difference is that I am no longer shopping for myself. We all have such different tastes and reasons for scrapbooking. I dont want my albums to be works of art, I want them to be chock full of photos of our daily life. In saying that, I love getting super creative when the mood hits and am completely in awe of all the beautiful work that I see you all doing. Therefore I love when you guys tell me what you see/want (Jo, Becks, Kathryn.....) I wont always agree (eh Jo?) and have in the past mucked up how to order upcoming ranges (still waiting for BoBunny Midnight Frost... maybe one day just to surprise you) but I will always welcome your suggestions.
This is the latest page that I have done using Kaisers Seaside Range, Martha PATP String Lace, Dusty Attic clouds and a spritz of Glimmermist.

So as you can see I'll leave the pages that take hours to complete to you experts and try to promise to actually order what I say I will.

My daughter, Rosie, has been joining me in the "shop" since being overjoyed with the scrapbook and 20 papers I gave her for christmas. I thought she was going to cry with happiness when she opened it. You never know what is going to capture their hearts do you? Any way here is her first page... and all that Mama did was cuttlebug the title.
So onto the Dusty Attic order, timed much better this time, a week after the new releases came out instead of the week before. DOH!


cameracrazychick said...

Awesome - we love telling you what we like, too!!! Becks

Rachel F said...

lol me too - I have a list there are so many YUMMY things coming out - I am going to miss the shopping well the BIG shopping still got to keep a girls stash up! ;-)
Got to watch that Jo she wants LOTS of stuff but the good thing is she usually buys it all and you have NONE left!