Saturday, July 31, 2010


Happy weekend everyone!

I have been missing in action - I wish the action part of it was true but I have actually been off sick and then trying to catch up.
I had glands that were up and went to the doctors and was given antibiotic's they were not sure what had caused this but the next day I discovered that my wisdom tooth was rotton (gross i know) so by 10.30am I was at the dentist getting it pulled out - not the nicest I can tell you!  It took nearly 40 min and came out and in bits, all I can say is that I have STRONG teeth it did not want to come out.
So anyway after all of that the infection got a bit worse and I spent most of last weekend in bed and took the start of the week very quietly. All good now though :-)

Rachel H one of the ladies that I have gotten to yack with a bit via e-mail  while she was purchasing our
Whiff of Joy stamps was kind enough to send me some cards that she has made with the stamps - it is always really nice to see what others do with them - so thanks so much Rachel for sharing your wonderful work with us:

and this is the one that Rachel sent me with a note in it - it is lovely to so I will share this one also:

Stunning Rachel!  Thanks so much for sharing :-)

I would love to share something that I have done with you but I don't actually have anything finished lol.
Nearly but not quite!  I have been loading up the latest Dusty Attic order on our web site - unfortunatly a few were missed from our order but we do hope to have them in stock soon - the new ones are up for pre order though if you don't want to miss out!
Also we have pre ordered all the new Fairy Flora paper from Prima these are stunning take a look:

Plus LOADS of others so if you would like any just send me an e-mail letting me know what you would like and we can do our best to order enough in!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kindest regards


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mandyb said...

sorry to hear you havent been feeling well!!!! ewwww for the tooth!!!!