Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nic Howard - Moving to Timaru?

Well actually no she isn't but sure if we had warmer winters she would?  Well maybe lol!
Yesterday was a great day, Timaru turned on the weather for the Howard family they spent a nice day travelling down from Christchurch and checking out the local beaches on Friday and playing on Caroline Bay yesterday.

Nic has now been and but what a rush, I think everyone would agree that she is a very inspirational and a laid back teacher nothing was a bother and no one was rushed. our canvas class went about an hour over time but everyone was great at sharing and everyone was having fun creating.
We had a sold out canvas class with 36 kits sold, and only 3 layout class's left (which we have for sale if anyone wants one contact me)

Here are some photos of the day, this is Nic's Canvas & Layout:

Diane Hanson's Canvas

Christy Flannery's Canvas with blue and a hint of purple in her base colour
Jo Flannery's

It is amazing how they all started with the same "ingrediants" and all the canvas's looked completly different!
It was so much fun getting messy and playing with so many different techniques and products!
Here are some class in action shots!

This is Nic's son Jacob - man we couldn't have done it without him - thanks Jacob for all your help!

Jacob is the next Tim Holtz - watch for him in the future!
Dallas you can hide but you can't run!  lol

I was dissapointed that I didn't get any photos of finished layouts or more of the canvas's, Jo has sent me her layout one thanks Jo.

But man again it is amazing how everyone started with the same layout and they all looked different, there were some with Wedding Photos (man they were stunning) Bev's granddaughters birthday and many others that were just stunning also if you can ladies, please send me some photos of your finished layouts so I can blog them!

A big thanks has to go to Nic and her family - thanks Jacob for helping on the day and to Abby & Braden for helping us bring the stock in from the cars, Paul for helping set up and pack up!
Thanks for bringing the family Nic - they are all just as wonderful in real life as we thought from your blog and layouts!
We hope you enjoyed Timaru enough to come back again next year - people are wanting to book in already!

Also a big thanks to Jo Flannery who helped me unpack and price stock for the last couple of weeks we had some late nights - & Sean for making up some last minute paper stands and tools board!
Bronwyn, Aaron & Family who time after time help unload and load stock back into the cars and back into our house!
To Beck & Jacob who also help time after time setting up and packing up!

To you all who helped make the day a great sucess, to all you ladies who travelled from Chirstchurch, Dunedin, and beyond - hope your trip home was a safe one and that you are recovering today!
And to our local ladies who's continued support is much appreciated. 

Righto I am off to have a little play with my half finished canvas!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!




Bronwyn said...

It was an AWESOME day
Thanks to you Rach for all the time and work you put into getting Nic here for us to enjoy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rach and Nic the day was
A W S U M E!!! Had a blast and so did Cristy, hope we can do it again next year. Maybe Nic could buy a holiday home here for summer vacations!!!

Thanks for all your hard work it is always appreciated.


Sharon said...

Thank you for the great day, it was awesome. even if i did have to get up at 4.45 to get there on time. it was well worth it, you guys rock, see you all next year.

Cheers Sharon

Mel said...

Looks like heaps of fun - lovely photos!

Sonya said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time, love those canvas's.

Jenn from Ash said...

Rachel, Many thanks for the lovely pack of goodies I got today, will have to go and do some more scrapbooking now or maybe use some for some neat cards but have to keep them away from Bridget she already has an eye on the Bling.
Thanks again. Love reading your blog and catching up on all the news. Jenn