Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am in LOVE with Bob!

Yes I know poor ole Nigel - but i LOVE bob - take a look:
 This is called "scrap ma Bob" and I am in love!  This fantastic gadget goes on almost any surface and you simply screw onto the table so you can put your drink in the holder right beside you and have your rubbish bin right beside you - no more sending your drink spilling over your work or having to reach for a rubbish bin - its right there beside you!
We saw these in Taupo at the Autumn Retreat a lady had brought one when she was over sea's and I thought it was a fantastic idea so - here we go!
I have some in the shop here at home they are metal not plastic and the bag is (i am going to say canvas) but you know the bags you buy at the supermartket to pack your groceries in now days instead of the plastic variety well made of that stuff lol!
They cost $32.00 - I think this is going to be my next best buy!

Also we have had our next shipment of Dusty Attic arrive - loads of new images avaialbe, like this one:

These are so delicious and only just a few of what we have in stock!

Righto - I am off to play - have a great weekend everyone!

:-)  Rachel

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