Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Weekend?

Hi all

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend?  I have had an extra long weekend as I also took Friday off work, didn't do much on Friday except house work and caught up with programs on My Sky (gotta love that my sky!).
But during the weekend I managed to finish all the layouts from Autumn Escape and made a card for my neice who had a baby while we were in Taupo heres a look at them and the wonderful group photo from Autumn Escape:

I also made this cake during the week, it was two chocolate cake recipies and the centre (love hearts - did ya notice?) is chocolate mousse and the cake is then covered in chocolate gnache and then I grated white chocolate over it. We had Mum and Dad over for tea so decided that it was the right time to try out my new Wilton Cake Tin!  It was YUMMY I can tell ya - rich but YUM!

Well I think that's it from me - now I am hungry for Chocolate Mousse cake!!!  Wonder what's in the cupboard?

Have a great week!




mandyb said...

you have been busy!!! and LOVE that cake!!!!

Bo said...

Wow with that and everything else you achieved what an amazing weekends work
great layouts and card

Beverley said...

OMG that cake looks absolutely divine! If I could describe perfection in a cake this would be it. Lovely layouts too ... you've had quite a creative weekend then. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done on achieving so much in a weekend. The Choc pikelets will not be a patch on your beautiful cake. lol

Sonya said...

Your cake looks super yummy! And dont beleive Dianne, her pikelets will be delicious as well! Dianne gave me the link to your blog so im checking it out :-)