Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow one more sleep where on earth did that time go?

I made a few Christmas Cards - not many just enough to say that I did it, here is a peek

Abby had to bring a $5 gift to school - they played a very cool game everyone got a number, 1 to how ever many are playing and number one goes first. He or she gets to pick a present and open it, then number 2 decides if they want to steel #1's gift or take one from the middle of the pile - and the games goes on.
This is what we made for her $5 gift

I went to the final assembly and then back to the class to watch the game - talk about laugh!!! Her house got picked 3rd and got stolen 8 times (including once by herself?) One of the boys ended up with it at the very last steel - bet his mother was pleased with us!
While Abby was making chocolates she also crushed up candy canes and put in white chocolate (this was on Tarosita web site) and made these:

There should be a warning about these - YUMMY!!!! And yes i felt sick I ate that many of them!

While she was doing that I made this for our Christmas table:

I also had to do two different secret santa's one for work and I can't show you any pictures of the chocolates I made for that one as they are VERY naughty!! I brought the chocolate moulds in from the United States and brought some extra's in so if anyone is keen to purchase some - drop me a line!

And Trina also held one - you wouldn't believe it but I got Beck - now don't take this the wrong way - yay for Beck BUT BECK??? lol Her and my taste's are on POLAR opposites and she know's everything I have here.
So I thought I was being really secret I had just got an order in from the states so I thought how wrong can you go with Prima Flowers? Just as I was thinking that beck txt to say she was coming around so I threw the flowers (all of them) into my bedroom and shut the door, Becks had a squiz at the new stuff minus the flowers lol.
The next morning I got Abby to address a courier bag and we dropped it in the letter box. That afternoon I get a "thanks for the secret santa" phone call from Becks???
Man that woman should be renamed - Sherlock homes!!! I thought I had done a great job lol.
Any my seceret Santa was Trina - but I will blog about that once I have taken photos of all the lovely cards Trina made for me - they are so nice all bundled up in ribbon I don't want to undo them he he. Also some chocolates (not scared to un do them - they went in 5 mins!) and a tin full of bits and bobs to add to my stash - thanks so much Trina - I LOVE THEM!

Also friends of ours - David & Gi Young, had a baby boy this morning so welcome to the world - Joshua I can't wait to met you in person! They live in Wellington now so I hope they will be settled in soon so we can skype and get a glimpse of the new wee man and his "big brother". Hugs to you all!

Well think that is about enough (post was long enough should have warned you to get a coffee - nah it's Christmas a wine!)

From all of us here at Embellish It - I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!!




Mel said...

Wonderful cohocolate creations - you are very clever.

Bo said...

Yay you found the photos thay are so cool
You have been very busy how do you manage to fit it all in