Monday, December 28, 2009

Bring it on!!!

Yay I love this time of the year for more than one reason!
Not only is Christmas the time to spend time with your family and friends for me it is the longest holiday of the year with my work taking a compulsory shut down of 3 weeks plus stat days so take a guess at what I have been up to today????
SCRAPBOOKING!!!! Seriously it is SOOO good to be getting back into it even though the layout was a very simple one - it still took me about 2 hours (that includes the the time to dry the letters).
But talk about stuck, I didn't know what to do to finish it off so i decided to stick the journalling on and just leave it, its not the best work I have done but since I have made Beck happy because for once I didn't scraplift and BOY does that show lol.
Anyway here is it:

Jamie was to hot so he decided to go outside but he didn't think that if he put shorts on and took off the THICK socks that he might just have been cool enough inside? He loves the cat, his computer, chocolate milk so he was having a blast!
I just did lots of paper curling and layering, if nothing else it is another one done!

Christmas day was really nice having lunch at my Mum & Dad's place with my big brother,his 3 kids, wife and my Aunty Lyn who joined us from Australia (I hope she has booked for next year already?)
I took photos but not enough and mostly on Dad's camera at his place but here is one of Abby at 6.00am!!

(see the raindeer on the tree - that was from Trina as part of my secret santa)
She couldn't wait to wake her brother up so we could open presents - should have let her ring her grandparents at that hour! My mum used to get up and slam doors to wake us kids up - who is the kid I wonder (and she has not got any better!).
Abby got a guitar and she just can't wait to start lessons, Kenny her drum tutor is going to start her off on the guitar and when she is going they will do alternate lessons each week - I apologize to the neighbors in advance but hey at least the guitar is not as loud as the drums!
Jamie was so hard to buy for this year and in the end he got what he asked for - money!
And since it is only 6 more sleeps until his 14th birthday and he only wants MORE money - that should make it easy too!

I also was busy trying to get some more things in to the Up 2 Scraps magazine for publication and was stoaked to have 2 off the page items accepted and published in the current magazine and have got one accepted for the up and coming issue.
Here is the ones that I did that didn't make it:

Well I think that's about it from me for the minute.

I hope you are all still enjoying the break and if I am not back before the new year -


cameracrazychick said...

Oh well done you, no scraplifting!!!! Ha ha ha :) I haven't done any holiday scrapping yet, but hopefully later this week I might. Pop over for a visit if you are at a loose end :)

Chris said...

Wonderful and it looks like a wonderful Christmas too! Wishing you a very happy new year. Chris x

Mel said...

Happy 2010 - love those projects. I am afraid I have done not much on the creative front over the past couple of weeks (unless you count cooking!)