Monday, October 12, 2009

A Card and a Promise!

Hi all

Well I created a card at the weekend for my very good friend Christine's Grandma's 90th birthday. I was really happy about it as I started copying but in the end it didn't look anything like the one I started out with and I had fun distressing the music note in the background and making the flowers! Yes these little flowers are SO very addictive and SO quick and much fun to make!

Here is the card

and the inside with a swarovski crystal (is that spelt right?) for the inside of the little flower - at 90 you deserve nothing but the best lol

Now a promise he he - I will be back before Wednesday with a LAYOUT!!

Yes about time I got back and did some seriouse scrapbooking - will still be making cards cause they are addictive and you have to use up your scrapping scraps now don't you!

But seriously watch this space the papers are all picked and the layout sorted just got to get "a handle" on it (serious pun intended there will post about that later to - Jo and I - oh ok and Sean have been making handles all weekend feel like that Mitre 10 add "oh Mate it's easy come on Sean give us a hand - Mate your jokin!!!!!!)

LOL with that I will leave you to it and see you in a couple of days with a layout!



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cameracrazychick said...

Well done you, and yes, swarovski is spelt correctly! Layout? Oh go on then.... :)