Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is Funny!

Ok so while I was blog hopping I happened across this video on U tube - man is it funny a bit long but funny no less go and have a look, here on u tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KswnjMa-MQ

Saturday's crop held at the Highfield school hall with 20 ladies was lots of fun and man the hall is fantastic!!
Loads of lighting, it is all brand new, I think they must have daylight lighting in the ceiling because it was lighter at night than it was during the day I reckon. The kitchen is HUGE and all new and we LOVED the dishwasher - man that saved some time.
Heat pumps for when it gets cold and automatic window openers for when it gets to hot! The hall has it all!

We also have decided we need a few new rules lol, help your self to the cuppa, load the dishwasher with your own plate and cup and we are going to start to shut the sales at 8pm from now on - you can carry on scrappin until 9 but it just gives us more time to pack up the stock and then we get to bed earlier lol as we have to come home and pack it all back where it came from!

This is going to be our new venue as long as we can get it. So next Timaru crop (date coming soon) I will e-mail out instructions of how to get to the car park which is right beside the hall but the entrance is down a few houses.

I took the camera so I could load up a photo but unfortunatly I forgot to take photos so maybe next time!

Until then have a great week!



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