Sunday, November 15, 2009

39 Sleeps till Christmas!!!

That's right scary aye!!!

And on that happy note did you see that Wellington had their Christmas Parade this weekend - wow it's not THAT close is it?

So much for writing lists and getting things done, Monday & Tuesday I pretty much spent the days in bed sick and the rest of the week was not much better.
Typical when I had something planned for Friday and Saturday Night, but it was not meant to be and instead I was in bed early every night!

But I have some exciting news - our own Diane Hanson has made the Elite Design Team for the Up 2 Scraps magazine!! Congrats to Diane I am SO excited for you, you have much more talant that you give yourself credit for!! Here is the list

# Annelie Maddock (Whangaparaoa)
# Sonya Pickles (Duntroon)
# Pauline McArdle (Napier)
# Dianne Hanson (Timaru )

Congrats to you all ladies - it is exciting with Sonya Pickles and Dianne from our neck of the woods and both ladies have amazing talent, and Annelie who Bronwyn and I had the great pleasure of meeting last year at the Sketch book retreat - Annelie was kind enough to give us both a ride back to the airport we know that three out of the 4 have amazing talent and I am sure that Pauline will to so looks like I will need to Subscribe to the magazine so I don't miss out on all that Inspiration!

Diaine made me a gift which was totally unnecessary but very much appreciated and nearly eaten (lol lots) here are some photos of what she did with an Prima tin!

Thank you Diane - it was so very kind of you and boy do you know me so well, pretty scrapped packaging, chocolate and strawberry lollies from the lollie Jar - YUMMY!!!

So I hope you all had a much better week and weekend than I did and I will start that list again for this week!

Have a good one




Mel said...

Shhh I don't want to know how many sleeps it is til Christmas. I am not organised yet....

Joyce said...

great idea for the prima jar, how nice do those chockies look